Although session are held weekly or bi-weekly, all rates are monthly and are not
prorated regardless of absences, school closings, holidays, or Teach Me How to
Sing/Kim Kenny Coaching scheduled breaks. An exception will be made the first month
of classes, if student starts after the first class of the month. You are welcome to attend/
schedule an alternate time to make up for a missed session. When you sign up for classes,
you accept responsibility for payment of the monthly session fee. All funds are due prior to the
first session. You will receive an emailed invoice before payment is due and an electronic
receipt after payment is made. We accept cash and debit/credit cards as payment only.


Late Cancellations
Late cancellations are non-emergency, same day, related rescheduling or cancellation
of sessions. Late cancellations will forfeit you the opportunity to reschedule that
session and will result in moving to the next session in your package.


Scheduled Breaks
Teach Me How to Sing/Kim Kenny Coaching observes a break during the winter, spring,
and weeks after student recitals/showcases and holds the right to not have class on any
National Holidays; or scheduled breaks for vocal rest. An email reminder/notification will
be sent out prior to any scheduled breaks.


If instructor deems the weather unsafe for travel this does not change the monthly fee and
Teach Me How to Sing/Kim Kenny Coaching is not responsible for a makeup session, the
missed session will be credited to your account. If Teach me How to Sing/Kim Kenny
Coaching has to cancel a session that was scheduled due to an illness or other emergency
circumstance, Teach me How to Sing/Kim Kenny Coaching is responsible for providing a
makeup session at the same location. If we are unable to schedule a makeup session, you
will receive a credit for the missed session. If you do not attend the makeup session, you do
not receive a credit. Student absences and rescheduled session dates must be
communicated via email a minimum of one week in advance. You will still be charged
for a session if Teach Me How to Sing/Kim Kenny Coaching: a) shows up to session
location and student is not there b) If session cancelation or reschedule is given the
day and/or hour before scheduled session time. Consideration and leniency will be
given in emergency situations only.

Tardiness and Attendance
Teach me How to Sing/Kim Kenny Coaching observes the right to discontinue sessions
with any student that has excessive tardiness and excessive absences. Excessive
tardiness/absences are defined as 4 or more per 3 month quarter. (1-2 missed sessions a
month) Teach me How to Sing/Kim Kenny Coaching must be notified directly or by email if you
wish to permanently or temporarily discontinue sessions. Teach me How to Sing/Kim
Kenny Coaching reserves the right to discontinue student sessions at any time. Examples:
nonpayment, excessive absences, harassment or tardiness.


Once a student has attended a session, a refund will not be issued. If you pay in advance
and or receive any discounts and you attended any of those sessions, you forfeit the right to
receive a refund.


If student has not attended a session(s), but has made their payment, the remaining credit
for unattended sessions can be applied to a later date. All credited sessions must be made
up with a 30 day time period, unless a extenuating circumstance prevents a 30 day make
up, consideration will be given to emergency situations., Teach me How to Sing/Kim
Kenny Coaching reserves the right to discontinue any credited student sessions not made
up or scheduled in a 30 day time period.